Our Breeding Process

At Victory Road Kennels we are very strict with our breeding process. Before we do a breeding we examine the male and female dog thoroughly for defects such as: people aggression,  shyness.

We want to avoid all the traits that can make a dog a real nuisance. We only want good athletic, eager to work, eager to make the owner happy, and also confirmation perfection. These are beautiful dogs they are worthy to be in magazines be in ADBA shows anything great that you new owners desire. We work hard to keep the APBT great. Thank you for choosing Victory Road Kennels. 

Draco Butch X Katinka Blaze

What's Included with Your Puppy Purchase?

ADBA registered
Puppies are usually sold at 8 weeks they come with first two 5 and 1 shots
All puppies get a thorough vet check. 

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