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Redboy, Jocko, Bolio, Tombstone, Jeep

Some of the best of the old-school American Pitbull Terrier bloodlines.
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Welcome to Victory Road Kennels!

We strive to create the best APBTs (American Pitbull Terrier). Whether it's hog hunting, agility, or weight pull events. These APBTs will be great working dogs. I believe you can train an American Pitbull terrier to do anything. And the saying is true that the APBT can do the job better than any other breed of dog. When you get a dog from us you're on the road to victory.
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Victory Road Kennels, We Promise

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Safe & Responsible Breeding
Our breeding conditions meet the highest standards of excellence to produce healthy, happy, beautiful puppies.
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Honest & Fair Pricing
We keep our puppy prices competitive to offer our customers the most value.
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100% Pure Breed
All of our males and females are registered pedigrees and our litters are 100% purebred puppies.

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